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This website & forum has been established to try and provide prospective CNC Buyers with a True & Unbiased Account of what other customers have had to endure, in their dealing with some CNC Router Manufacturers, by having their accounts documented here for the General Public to see, so that it may assist you in making that final decision !

This website believes, that it has have a moral right, & obligation, to be able to voice the opinion, in that all Manufactures of any CNC Router Equipment, should be held Totally Responsible & Liable for the Brand New Products they are supplying to the General Public, and that, these products should be delivered to the highest manufacturing quality, following stringent quality control protocols, as well as perform to its advertised and designed specifications !

So please take the time to look over all of the following attached CNC Router Manufactures images, and videos, provided by previous CNC Buyers, 

for the saying is very true that :

"A Picture Paints a Thousand Words" 

After which you can then personally make your own decision, on which direction you will take, with your specific CNC Router Manufacturer !

All product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. All company, product and service names used in this website are for identification purposes only. Use of these names, logos, and brands does not imply any endorsement, by this website, or its owners.

Missile CNC Machines


Although we are guilty of not following our own rules, as a buyer you should request all of the following items, prior to any purchase, and if not forth coming, then it should immediately raise alarm bells, and you should proceed with extreme caution !

1. Full & Comprehensive Users Manual.

2. Full & Comprehensive Service Manual 

3. Full & Comprehensive Electrical & Wiring Schematics 

4. Full & Comprehensive Pneumatics Schematics.

5. Full & Comprehensive Lubrication Schematics.

All reputable CNC Router Manufacturers, & Suppliers will be able to provide you with all of the above items, which clearly indicates that they have a solid product foundation, and understanding, as well as indicating that they have been established in the industry for a reasonable amount of time, and understand customer requirements !


If any of the above can't be provided by your CNC Router Manufacturer, then ask yourself, WHY, and as previously stated  proceed with extreme caution, and don't part with any monies until all of the above items have been supplied or accounted for !

! ALSO !

Don't be fooled with what you see on CNC Router Manufacturer's Stands, at Trade Show Exhibitions, as most of those exhibition products have been specifically assembled for the sole purpose of caputuring your attention, with their quality, and attention to detail, but the reality is far from the truth in that :

"What you see is not what you will necessarily be supplied"
SO ! You have been Warned !

! CNC Buyers Beware !


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Please contact us on the following email below, should you wish to voice your experiences, images, & videos, with any CNC Router Manufacturer, so that the General Public, visiting this site, can then make their own educated decision, on which direction to take with their purchase, and who to ultimately deal with !
As a visitor to this website we would greatly appreciate your comments, thoughts, and suggestions, by either contacting us directly on the email below, or better still by posting a message on our online Forum Page, so that everyone can benifit !


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